Cardio Coaching

Introducing Cardio Coaching

A personalized weight-loss program that combines personal training & data derived from your fitness tracker.

Dennis Mathias has 35 years in the Health and Fitness business. The first seven were as a personal trainer with a core knowledge of exercise. Six years ago when wrist-tracker technology was becoming sophisticated and reliable, he initiated what became a six-year beta to see if wrist trackers and their data could be used to maximize cardiovascular exercise. We have always been able to measure and quantify strength training because we have access to the data (weight, reps sets, etc.). We could easily progressively train using that simple data, but cardio was always subjective in nature. Even the age-old heart rate zones are based on a subjective maximum heart rate from which your “heart-rate training zones” were calculated. This meant they were even more subjective. Another common theme Dennis noticed was that some people simply worked out by “feel,” which in all cases was less than they should have been doing.

Dennis spent the next six years doing something that has never been done. He studied cardio exercise training in detail using the data in multiple ways to prove that data can be used to coach progressively in the same manner we use the strength training data. He proved its efficacy and, along the way, he also disproved a lot of popular, old methods. At first, he focused on using the system to drive weight loss, since that would prove if using the data to define a workout prescription would actually have an effect on the body. From this point, it was just a matter of using the system that he had identified for clients who have goals beyond weight loss. These areas include conditioning or transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle. Then a physician friend went through the program, had more success than expected, and started referring her patients to me. These patients with conditions that ranged from mobility issues, ALS, thyroid, morbidly obese, etc. That was when the system was tested in a clinical setting where the challenges are significantly greater than just a healthy individual. The outcomes were so positive that the program ended up in the referral system as modality for the entire 102 Family Physician Network.

Dennis is the only person in the fitness industry to study cardio to this deep of a level. No one has ever put the effort into getting into the weeds of what makes cardio work because it was just easier for them to use the age-old systems already in place. Until now! People working out are beginning to realize that what they’re doing isn’t necessarily a maximized use of their time. Cardio Coaching is here to change the way these people (and you) work out!